Saturday, March 1, 2014


How does one prepare for something like this?  one may wonder. 

I don't know, but I'm going to try to answer what we are doing...

We made arrangements for the children.  We have five children.  Four will need care while Vince is in the hospital.  They are going to three different places.  My kids are a handful and I wouldn't want to burden any one family with them all. 

I cooked extra. I didn't cook as much as I had wanted to, but I have a few meals in my freezer that I can just throw in the oven for when we get home.

We toured the hospital. We saw the areas that we'll be in.   It helped me a lot to have a picture of what everything will look like.  It takes a little bit of the unknown out of the experience.

We arranged to have my friend be our "secretary".  She'll be communicating for us, when we want to update everyone but spend time with Vince.

We had diapers and wipes shipped to those who will be watching the ones in diapers.  One less thing to worry about, right?  We order our stuff through Amazon mostly anyway.  I shipped directly to the caretakers so that I don't actually have to remember to load it in my car and give it to the caretaker.  I'm not good at things like that.

Kevin's workshirts are ironed.  He ironed them, enough to get him through this week and his first day back after Vince's surgery, in case it's a rush.

We made a list of text numbers and email addresses.  If getting updates on here is not convenient, please contact me privately if you want me to add your text number or email address to my list.  I'm trying to have everything ready.  Ciocia will have all these lists ahead of time so she can just hit go when the time comes.

We've explained a few things to the children.  We've showed them Vince's MRI.  We've showed them our "body parts man".  We've tried to make them understand what is happening, but I don't think they get it.

We've upped our prayers. Of course, goes without saying.

I haven't started packing yet.  I have to pack for seven people going four different places... I'm not looking forward to that but I hope to have that done as soon as possible. 

My kids have been sick today.   I am trying to get them over it so they don't get everyone sick.  If Vince is still coughing then no surgery.  If Kevin and I are sick, we can't even be with Vince. 

So much to do.... My head is spinning...


  1. Seems my other post didn't come through from the kindle. Just letting you know that if you need a place to stay near children's, our home is open, although the RM house would be much better I know! Praying for you daily- and nightly.

    1. Thank you very much for your generous offer, Brittany! I am amazed and grateful!