Saturday, March 15, 2014


So what is the pathology? many people have asked.

On Thursday, we went back up to Children's Hospital to see the neuro-oncologist (and also went to a follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon's PA).  We had originally seen Dr.NeuroOncologist when we had first received Vince's diagnosis.  Thursday, Dr.NeuroOncologist had printed out scans from the MRI from before and after the surgery.  Vince's surgery was a success!  Dr.Neurosurgeon had gotten all of the tumor out!  The area that the tumor used to be in was now filled with fluid, Dr.NeuroOncologist said, and showed us on the scan.

Dr.NeuroOncologist was unsure of the tumor was Grade I or Grade II.  He'll know in another ten days when they are finished with the pathology.  If it is Grade I, Dr.NeuroOncologist gave the tumor a 2% chance of growing back.  If it is a Grade II, Dr.NeuroOncologist gave the tumor a 5% chance of growing back.  (I don't have much confidence in statistics, because even with Vince's genetic disease, his chance of a brain tumor to start with was only less than 1%.)

Vince will get a follow-up MRI in three months, another one six months after that and then yearly from then on.  They will just be following him and monitoring him to make sure he is OK.

Dr.NeuroOncologist then gave Vince a neurological examination which Vince passed with flying colors.  He also checked Vince's incision and asked us some questions regarding his demeanor, appetite and such.

Later that day we saw the NeurosurgeryPhysicianAssistantLady.  That was a waste of time, really.  She looked briefly at his incision.  She asked us the same questions about Vince's appetite and such. She did not do any neurological testing.  Her appointment was 4 hours after the first.  We had to actually go back to the hospital for it.  It was a waste of time, really.

Both the NeurosurgeryPhysicianAssistantLady and Dr.NeuroOncologist agree that Vince is doing fantastic.  I agree, too, and I know it is all of your prayers.

I made a follow-up appointment with Dr.Neurosurgeon for April.  If Vince continues to do well, he'll be released from Dr.Neurosurgeon's care then.
Neurosurgery is truly a miracle.

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