Saturday, January 18, 2014


Vince is short for Vincenzo.

We are crazy Catholics, so we decided to name all our daughters after Our Lady.  My great grandmother and all her sisters were all Maria Something.  We decided to copy that tradition and name all of our daughters Maria Something, too, and just call them the something.  Since we decided to confuse everyone with our Marias, we also decided to confuse people with the boys.  We named all of our sons Kevin Something and call them the something.

My Vince is actually Kevin Vincenzo.  Vincenzo is his middle name.  The "c" in Vincenzo is pronounced like a "ch", btw.  My great grandfather was Vincenzo.  He came to the USA on the boat from Sicily.  Vince is named in part after him.

Kevin had an uncle named Vince who died before Kevin was born.  He died a few days after a bad car accident from results of the car accident.  Vince is also named after Uncle Vince.

So my Vince is actually Kevin Vincenzo.

(His name is not Vincent.  I just wanted to make that clear.)

Vince was born on St. Vincent de Paul's Feast Day on the old calendar (before the changes of Vatican II). We are invoking St. Vincent de Paul's intercession.

St. Vincent de Paul, please pray for Vince!
Great Grandpa Vincenzo, please pray for Vince!
Uncle Vince, please pray for Vince!

DearBlogReaders, please pray for Vince!

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