Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Son Has a Brain Tumor and I Am Starting a Blog

My son has a brain tumor.  There.  I said it. 

I learned about this on Thursday afternoon.  It is now Tuesday.  At first, I couldn't even say it.  

The few people that I did tell most typically answered me, "What?".  I then had repeat it.  The words I could hardly say. "Vince has a brain tumor." 

Half of me wants to cry again, every time I say those words.  It's almost as if I'm learning it for the first time myself.   It's almost as if I'm hearing someone else say them.  Someone else saying them about someone else's kid.  I think for a split second how horrible it is. And then I remember it's my kid. My Vince.  My beautiful Vince is the one with a brain tumor.  I cry.  I cry on the inside all the time.  I cry on the outside some of the time.

I am starting a blog.  You may remember that I already have a bunch.  I thought the blog would be an easier way to me communicate with the world.  It saves me from all the Vincehasabraintumor/What/Vincehasabraintumor exchanges.  I think this will also save some logistic headache as far as keeping people informed.

So many people have already shown us great support in their actions, words and prayers.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.

This is Vince this morning on his way out the door to Storytime. 
He doesn't even realize he is sick.

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