Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Look

When we went to Children's Hospital on Thursday, I saw a couple in the main hall who had The Look.  I know that look well. 

The wife had tears in her eyes.  I could see the worry, worry beyond worries, in her face.  The husband had that same look, too, but just a little bit deeper down.  He had his own worries, yet was trying to comfort his wife.  He held her hand. 

"Let's go downstairs and get something to eat," he must have said.  She didn't look like she was very into that idea but went along with it.   I'm just supposing all this.

A few minutes later, I saw them heading back to the elevators, the husband carrying a plate of food, the wife next to him.  They still had The Look. 

I don't wish that look on anybody.  Please also pray for them and their child.

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  1. You and Vince (and the rest of your family) were on my mind last night. I am praying for little Vince.