Monday, February 24, 2014

You Are So Clear, United Healthcare

Dear United Healthcare,
Thank you for the letter that you sent to Vince today.  You are so clear!
I must remind you that you have Vince's date of birth.  Since you know he is 2.5, did it not occur to you that addressing a letter to a 2.5 year old toddler was a bad idea?
I'm glad that you received notification that Vince has or will be admitted to a heath care facility. That you for letting us know that payment is actually based on all these other factors and that you can't guarantee payment.  I mean really, why do we bother sending you notification and why did you even bother sending this letter?
I also really appreciate your section called "Information to help make an informed decision".  Did you really think we'd have the doctor cut off a piece of Vince's skull and dig into his brain if we really thought it wasn't an informed decision? 
Thank you.
Vince's Mommy

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