Friday, February 14, 2014

So What Are You Doing Now?

So what are you doing now?  is a question that many people have asked me. 

I will answer that here, in case you wanted to ask us the same question.

There is really nothing I can do.  I'm kind of hopeless.  I'm not a neurosurgeon or a doctor so I really can't do anything about it myself.  Vince is still asymptomatic. 

I'm trying to gear up for everything.  I have made arrangements for the other children for the time Vince will be in the hospital.  I have cooked a few homemade pizzas and put them in the freezer for the time I come home.  I have bought some additional groceries so that I can continue to cook extra freezer friendly meals for easy cooking when we come home.  I am trying to keep up with my normal duties: cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, taking care of the goats, etc.  I am thinking about other positive things, like my garden this summer, the goats, making curtains for the boys' bedroom, etc. Of course I cry, too.

We have spent much time thinking about the logistics of it all.  During last week's trip to Suburban Denver, we toured the hospital.  I'll be posting pictures and more details about that one of these days, but I just want to make the point here that the tour really helped me picture in my head what needs to happen logistically for Vince's hospital stay.  I'm glad that the Children's Hospital is a bright clean facility where the patients all have single rooms.  We'll be able to stay right with him. 

So there is nothing left to do but wait... and plan for logistics... and pray.

Please pray! (Surgery is 3/7, 3 weeks from today!)

St. Vincent de Paul, please pray for Vince.

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