Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vince Is Doing Great

Many of you keep asking me how Vince is doing.  The short answer is that Vince is doing great, but I'll try to expand...

Vince has been doing wonderfully.  If it wasn't for the MRI, we would never know that the tumor had grown back. 

Vince's speech issues have improved by leaps and bounds.  As I had mentioned in the last blogpost on here, Vince has really turned a corner on his speech since March.  He speaks in longer sentences all the time.  He is more understandable, both in the words he uses to describe things and his actual articulation.  He is doing awesome in his speech, although he still is not at the level he should be.

Vince is finally daytime potty trained.  If you know Vince, you know he is almost four and that he still wasn't potty trained.  He is now an expert.  He keeps himself dry and clean.  He does wear a pullup at night and does actually need it, but I'll take one diaper per day over a bunch.  How did I train this stubborn boy, you may ask.  We went online to Target and The Childrens Place and I pulled up the boys underwear pages.  I told him he could pick out whatever underwear he wanted and that the maillady would bring them.  He settled on Thomas the Train underwear from Target.  He anticipated their arrival, asking every day if they had come.  When they finally arrived, he put them on.  He had a few accidents the first few days but has now gotten the hang of it.  I didn't think his other plain white or football underwear were too bad, but apparently he did. 

Vince is in the 97th percentile for height and weight.  I just took him to the doctor yesterday for his four year old well baby visit.  He is in the 97th percentile for height and weight.  Some of his pants are too short and his shoes are getting snug.  He is growing and he has the build of a football player. He eats everything and weighs more than his big sister.

Tomorrow is his 4th birthday.  He's been talking about eating cake on his birthday for months, even telling strangers.  After I post this, Vince and I are baking a cake.  We'll celebrate his life and St. Vincent de Paul.  Tomorrow is also Vince's Name Day, the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul.  St. Vincent de Paul, pray for Vince!

Earlier this month....

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  1. Happy late birthday Vince!!!
    Tyler and I are so happy to hear how good you are doing and even potty trained! Great job buddy! Thinking of you all! :)