Saturday, April 26, 2014

Haircut and Drooling

Yesterday while I was in Colorado Springs, I took Vince to get his hair cut by a professional.  It was his first haircut since surgery.  I had been afraid to do have it cut, either by Kevin or a professional.  But life must move on and hair grows, right?  You can see above that he really needed a haircut.  You can also see his scar is visible under his light hair. 

Vince has started to drool. Again.
As a baby, Vince was never really a drool-er.  Starting a little after he turned two, we noticed he was drooling.  His drooling increased and increased.  We never thought much about it.  His drooling seemed to be when he was doing speech or playing, when he was concentrating.  After his surgery, the drooling stopped.  Like stopped dead on, not a gradual stop.  Kevin linked it and we thought that the drooling possibly had to do with the tumor.  When I emailed Dr.Neurosurgeon to make him aware of this, he said he would not have thought of drooling as a symptom from the tumor, unless it was causing some difficulty with control or sensation or movement of his mouth.  He also said the timing made sense, but drooling was a "new one" for him. 
Vince has started to drool a little bit again.  I don't know if I'm paranoid, but I'm scared.

Vince has a followup MRI in June. 

Please continue to pray for Vince.

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